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J & N Rolling Store

Welcome to J & N Rolling Store. I am JoBelle Smith, Austin, Texas artist. I paint. I explore the subconscious, collective, directed, and unique energy, through color, light, shape, line, rhythm, space, non-space. I have an incredibly rich interior life and my imagination is usually in several places at once: there is usually one poem coming to life, a story I'm narrating, an image I'm creating, and I'm trying to process what I see on the outside with color and emotion...I am always exploring this world as well as processing regular nightmares. My paintings reflect what lives just below the surface (what I "see") or possibly what is deep inside my subconscious world. Sometimes they are not interior at all but supernatural in where they live. They are emotion. I am adventuring into what is not seen with the natural eye but with the another unseen eye, an emotional filter, a third eye, an energy pulse, a vibration, a depth in the subconscious: revealing something as felt and maybe the reflection is as true as "reality" itself, certainly there's a power in it's vivid evocation. My paintings are how things might feel below or beyond the surface. You know what your natural eye sees, I explore what is not readily seen but rather felt or translated as energy or what you don't think you see but registers just beneath the conscience. The natural eye translates information as it "sees", so does your subconscious and so does the energy it possesses, and so does the superconscious vibration in which it exists. That is my exploration. I'd like to show what else exists beyond your natural eye. My paintings can be called "Evocation Painting" and traditionally categorized as abstract expressionism, I suppose. My work has been called "beautiful chaotic interpretations," "full of primal energy yet ultra-modern," "equally earthy, hieroglyphic and electric, futuristic," "she's a visionary" "like living inside a camera lens down the rabbit hole."
The clothing is the very best in wearable art of higher vibrational energy. Lovingly and individually hand drawn, then handprinted and hand painted, the messaging of our tees for all ages, tanks, and tees is positive, uplifting, encouraging, and sometimes humorous, allowing to express your best self in the highest quality fabrics and designs. Based in Austin, TX, we believe in sharing joy and letting our inner light shine. We want you to enjoy what you wear, knowing it it positive and enlightening. You will find symbols of light, spirituality, and peace. We think the world needs more peace, love, and understanding and sometimes it begins with a simple statement. We use only the finest in everything to create the art, the tanks, tees, jeans. At J & N, we let the sun in. Enjoy.

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