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Here we go! The story behind "the rolling store"

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Happy Sunday Funday to you all! The website is up and rolling. Speaking of rolling, I'd like to share the inspiration for "the rolling store." My great aunt and uncle, John and Nora, lived way out in the country in rural Mississippi when I was growing up. My parents would take our family to visit them and I always had the best time. Aunt Nora's kitchen smelled so good. Pies cooling in the window, photographs of her son in his military uniform, the wooden floor we played upon, and the endless hill we ran up and down are some of my fondest memories. Her apron was long and dusted in flour and his overalls were worn and torn from work on the land. With the sweetest smiles and biggest hearts, they welcomed us and I always wanted to stay a little longer. They lived so far out in the country that a big van/truck would roll loudly up to their house full of what seemed to me to be everything anyone would ever need. This was the rolling store. It served the rural communities who lived too far from a store or town. The big side door would creak open and there was a treasure trove of pantry items, house goods, and of course..candy. My brother and I were allowed to choose any piece of candy we wanted. Absolutely delighted at a sticky jolly rancher or a ball of bubble gum with a mini comic strip printed on it, we were happy and satisfied. No iphone, no ipad, no game boy back then. No techy distractions. We played, enjoyed the fresh air, and the treat from the rolling store.  I remember looking back out of the back of the car when we would leave, bouncing over gravel, dirt, and railroad tracks, hoping we could visit again soon.

  • Debbie Robinson Snead on

    I can identify with the rolling store! My sister and I would love to go inside and as you did, choose candy! The rolling store would always come on Saturday and we would be visiting my grandparents. What a wonderful memory and yes, no tech distractions-only memories of blue skies, the smell of grass and being intrigued and amazed by all of the beauty and every living being “out in the country” on their farm. Also, lots of day dreaming while we there. Then it would be back to the city. Thank you, JoBelle, for bringing back wonderful memories. By the way, I love your work!

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