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Turn the Other Cheek

$ 180.00

Turn the Other Cheek. This is how it feels. A complexity and a Zen moment. A whirl yet peaceful.

I paint paintings expressing emotion, the subconscious, collective, directed, and unique energy, through color, light, shape, line, space, non-space. I have an incredibly rich interior life and my imagination is usually in several places at once: there is usually one poem coming to life, a story I'm narrating, an image I'm creating, and I'm trying to process what I see on the outside with color and emotion...I am always exploring this world as well as processing regular nightmares. My paintings are what lives just below the surface or what is deep inside our subconscious world as we experience the outside world. Sometimes they are not interior at all but supernatural in where they live. They are emotion. They are what we don't see with the natural eye but with the another unseen eye, an emotional filter, a third eye, an energy pulse, a vibration, a depth in the subconscious: revealing something unseen but felt and maybe even more descriptive than "reality" itself, certainly more powerful in vivid evocation. My paintings are how things might feel below or beyond the surface. You know what your natural eye sees, I explore what is not readily seen but rather felt or translated as energy or what you don't think you see but registers just beneath the conscience. The natural eye translates information as it "sees", so does your subconscious and so does the energy it possesses, and so does the superconscious vibration in which it exists. That is my exploration. I'd like to show what else exists beyond your natural eye. My paintings can be called "Evocation Painting" and traditionally categorized as abstract expressionism, I suppose.

Original painting on Saunders Waterford... is an exquisite English watercolor paper, traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine. Unique for its stunning texture, created using natural woolen felts, and the wonderful surface stability created by the paper fibers lying randomly across the sheet.

100% cotton meeting all archival standards, each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate to help defend finished pieces of work from discoloration caused by acids present in pollution.
Saunders Waterford can claim status as the smoothest Hot Press watercolor paper on the market. Its attractive surface is created using natural woolen felts that give it a distinctive random texture. The surface is coated in gelatin making it strong and resilient to scrubbing and other rough treatments without the surface tearing.
Professional watercolor paper that comes with the endorsement of the Royal Watercolor Society.

Original: Acrylic, ink, oil on paper. 27 x 40. $2000.

Prints: 16 x 20 $110. 27 x 40 $210.

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