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Frank, my cat. I love him so much. I got Frank when my cat, Tootsie, was eaten by a coyote in New Mexico. I fell in love in Taos with a beautiful, golden, fluffy boy. 

I named this cat boy: Hamish Hemingway Smith. What a distinguished name. Hamish after the second lieutenant in “Braveheart” (also a red head) after all he would be my second lieutenant and we both have brave hearts fighting for good in the world. Hemingway obviously for  Hemingway. This was about 4 years ago.

Then about 2 years, in a dream, Frank and I were sitting on a luxurious bed in some fancy hotel and he clearly spoke in plain English “my name is FRANK.” 

From then on, I called him by HIS chosen name, Frank. I’m glad he told me.

Paint on paper.

Original 30 x 44.

Prints available 16 x 20, 30 x 44.


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